These bids are targeted to educated lien purchasers. Tower cannot and will not give any advice as to the process, and warrants only that the liens assigned are valid and enforceable.
Tower will decide at its sole discretion when the bidding is closed and has the right to accept or reject all bids. We will entertain individual lien bids but will favor offers for the entire pool over individual bids or small group bids. Attach an MS-Excel spreadsheet that includes the “LienID” of the liens you are bidding on, as well as the price for each lien. See example below

Submit all bids by email to Please include your name, a day time phone number and the amount of your bid in the body of the e mail.

TDA Liens

See Spreadsheet Bid format below for bid submission


The minimum Info we need for a bid submission is highlighted in pink, I.E. Our LienID and Your Bid for the lien. Please also include the Bidder number for the entity that will be buying (By County) and the FEIN or SS Name of the Entity, and address, as recorded with the County.

Questions? Call 1-800-581-8616